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Xn Rowe, self described as a Californian from Wisconsin living in Tennessee dreaming of Texas. Growing up in what he calls a 'typical divorced family, you know, making sure the airline industry, moving companies, the government, and the kids all got fed'. Shuffled between southern California, Arizona,  Colorado, Massachusetts, and the Milwaukee area Xn (pronounced Christian), ever on the move -  was destined for a quest to find not only home but the meaning of home. A life on the road. Documenting the highs and lows of adventure and connection. Playing dive bars, theatres, and street corners; shaking laundry machines for quarters to spend a night out with the people. 'Funny how i gave it all away, from the mornings first light, to the women in the night in the good land'. Being a songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and performer for 20 years has found a good outlet for processing the spinning world outside and finding some sort of an inner connection.


Goodbye, Goodland (the album) and especially as the title track reads almost as a swan song of sorts. Despite the fact that Rowe has been performing and songwriting under his given name (Christian Rowe), pseudonyms, as well as in midwest bands such as Milwaukee’s Cub Pilot for the better part of 20 years, this will be his first official release. 


Honest themes of failure, growth, and that never ending road that are so deeply entrenched in the album's lyrics and also in the Wisconsin-Northwoods sap-covered nostalgic sound that carries them. Like the best of Americana, it declares a time that never was and yet always has been. The raw, natural, and direct sound was captured at Honeytone Studios, a forerunner in an impressive production scene growing out of the middle coast. Tasteful embellishments from the likes of Chicken Wire Empire’s Jordan Kroeger making appearances on bass, and also from renowned roots-rock artist Sophie Gault, appearing with her cool & perceptive vibrato, as a warmly welcomed singing partner throughout the record. All of which is laid over beautifully reserved-yet-attuned piano lines from Anthony Deutsch. Xn’s husky baritone voice often evokes an alternative universe in which in which John Hiatt or Jaokb Dylan join in on some late 90s indie-rock. From the smoky bar rooms of Tom Waits and Nick Cave to the sprawling Americana of the Band, Neil Young, and Randy Newman.

Xn Rowe lives off the Cumberland River just outside of Nashville TN with 2 big dogs, 1 cat, his wife Megan and their newborn son. He enjoys cooking, growing food, a stiff drink, & sunlight.


"Goodbye, Goodland"
"Screw You, Waterloo"
& " She Comes and Goes as She Likes"

Now available worldwide
from the Debut LP
Goodbye, Goodland | spring 2024

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all songs written by Christian William Rowe

recorded & mixed at Honeytone Studios | Neenah, WI

produced by Xn Rowe, Patrick Boland, & Jeff Patlingrao

goodbye goodland//

Xn Rowe: vocals

Sophie Gault: vocals

Anthony Deutsch: piano & vocals

Jordan Kroeger: upright bass

Jeff Patlingrao: drums

screw you waterloo//

Xn Rowe: vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar

Sophie Gault: vocals

Anthony Deutsch: piano

Jeff Patlingrao: drums

Frank Anderson: pedal steel

she comes and goes as she likes//

Xn Rowe: vocals, electric guitars, fuzz bass

Stephen Diederich: drums

Jeff Patlingrao: gas tank

All Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering | Hollywood, CA

*Sophie Gault appears curtesy of Petaluma Records

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